Tuesday, November 17, 2015

100 Blocks in 50 Days - My First Quilt Block

My first block is up today on the Janome site and Michael Miller Fabric social media sites. This "Preppy Love" block was designed specifically for the Janome 100 quilt blocks in 50 days.
The Preppy Love block, as I ended up calling it, was just a play on the X and O, but also the color palette. I'm not sure what inspired this one. I started putting some lines in my EQ7 program to mimic a pattern in a chair I had seen recently. It wasn't working for the size requirements for this project, so I kept playing and got the X and O while coloring it all in. Once I colored it, it looked a little preppy to me. In traditional pink, white and red colors, this would make a great valentine quilt or pillow, but during other times of the year...in different colors - it won't read as "love" so heavily.  When sewn to the quilt, they actually put it sideways, but I placed mine upright so they are side by side. 
We were given this range of Michael Miller Cotton Couture Solid fabric colors to work with and instead of using them all at once - I decided to split them up and use specific colors. One block became a cool color palette, and the other a warm color palette. Aren't these colors amazing? The colors were vibrant beautiful and so fun to play with.

I hope you'll enjoy making this paper piecing block and you'll share your variations with me. Please tag me on IG @kidgiddy so I can see them. 

Keep an eye out for my second block coming soon....here's a little sneak peek....
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Disclosure: I was provided fabric for the making of this block but the opinions set forth are always my own.

Monday, November 2, 2015

What's new at Kid Giddy HQ

I planned on having this post up before leaving for quilt market - but that just didn't happen since I was still sewing details until the wee hours of the night and mornings even once arriving in Houston. Since being home - I've caught up a little on all that missed sleep. I probably could use more.

I'm so excited to announce my Fall 2015 Kid Giddy dies with Sizzix. I know I shouldn't pick favorites because I love them all - but I can't help be excited for my little Fox. This Party Fox is ready with some balloons, a party hat and even a little star, for any birthday party or celebration. I have a little secret about this one...which is why I'm so excited about it...you can mix and match the Fox parts with the Kid Giddy Doll die. So if you want a doll with a bigger belly for a Santa...use the body of the fox and all the other doll pieces. If you want to sew with kids, the Fox arms & legs are easier for kids, because they have less curves to sew and are easier to stuff. I wanted to give you more bang for your buck and give you tons of options to really make your own unique doll.

I've also introduced a little tufted Bird die that comes with a little panel to make tiny eggs. The Bird can be made to sit in a nest or on a shelf, or add a ribbon to hang as an ornament or in a fun mobile. It's great for any holiday, and for any occasion or no occasion at all.

Last but not least is the Bear die that works perfectly with most fabric choices including Wool Felt blends, Quilters cotton, cuddle fabrics and many others. The Bear comes with a variety of little extras for personalizing, including a heart, bow (for a bow tie or hair bow), baby rattle and a star. If you use a crazy awesome fuzzy fur fabric, you can get a little fella that resembles a baby wookie or ewok.

I have been working for weeks and weeks on some special Little House on the Prairie Dolls using Andovers Little House on the Prairie fabrics for their Quilt Market Schoolhouse Premiere. It was quite a special weekend for me and I'll be photographing each doll and sharing the whole experience soon. Here's a sneak peek...but if you can't wait...hop on over to my Instagram feed for more pics. 

I was also very excited (and busy) sewing with some of the Mendocino fabric from Heather Ross that Windham Fabric is reprinting. I made this sweet Mermaid, some little seahorse friends, as well as an octopus, all which hung at market in her booth. Her belly button probably got the most attention. lol. I'll be sharing more about how I made her soon.
Well that's my quick recap for now - again I'll have more info for everyone soon regarding all the Mermaid tail piecing, the Octopus and Little House Dolls.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Easy Mushrooms with Sizzix Circle Dies

I'm over on the Sizzix blog today showing you how to make these really easy mushrooms with various Sizzix circle die cut sizes. You can customize them any way you'd like, to make coasters, decorative tea towels or hot pads.

I made this entire set for my swap partner when I hosted the Gnome Swap on instagram. She asked for something "gnomey" for her kitchen, and I just couldn't resist. The coasters fit perfectly in this little cross stitch box I picked up at Target. They finish at 3 1/2" wide.
If you want to make a cute and simple tea towel or bar towel set, do a little needle turn applique or make it quicker with raw edge applique as I did.

To make a set of hot pads - make them as quick and easy as the coasters, or treat them like mini quilts and add some fun quilting and of course binding around the edge.

Check out the tutorial over on the Sizzix blog and share your #kidgiddy mushrooms with me on Instagram or Facebook

Thanks for stopping by. For more info about my dies with Sizzix, check out the Sizzix Website and watch my videos on You Tube. To get the kid giddy inside scoop before everyone else - sign up for my newsletter below. Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Totem Eagle Paper Piecing Pattern

A long time ago I got this Totem Pole Quilt idea. I wanted to make an entire quilt that represented my family in totem pole format. For my Totem, I decided to start with the eagle, which is by far one of my most favorite creatures to watch endless soaring in the sky, especially in my own neighborhood. I guess making a totem pole quilt felt right and fun, knowing I have Native American blood in my ancestry (the Tribe of Powhatan) and am excited to see where this takes me. If you are interested in making a tribal totem eagle for yourself - you can find my Totem Eagle pattern in my Kid Giddy Etsy shop or in my Kid Giddy Craftsy shop.

You don't have to make a quilt out of it and you don't have to use printed pattern fabric as I did - you can easily make the eagle as a banner, as Holly Hughes did below (@hollygetsquilty on IG), and choose solids or a combination or solids and prints. Holly also added some embroidery which gives it a special touch too. Thanks Holly for testing my pattern and for the pics!

When I have time I will continue to add more animals to my own totem (and in my shops), and then begin making all the animals for my husband's totem, as well as animal totems for each of my daughters too. They have already picked their animals - I just need more time to design them and whip them up in EQ7.

If you join in the totem making fun - please share your pics with me on IG @kidgiddy.

Have a great week.